The St George's cup is a charity bowls competition like no other, raising money for the very worthy Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The battle between the North and South has been raging for over three years, with 106 dedicated players proudly representing their side. So far the south has dominated winning all three competitions.

Each year, the competition grows in reputation and numbers, so far there has been over 10,000 shots won and lost.

It has been an very interesting experience for everyone involved and promises even more surprises to come.


In 2011 the battle between the north and south of England began. Bowls players from all over England come together in a two day event, to see which side won crowning glory.


This epic Ryder Cup style competition was the brain child of two men, Darren Beardmore and Nick Tideswell both from Shropshire. With the help of Craig Burgess from Essex they spawned a bowls competition like no other seen before. The St Georges Cup becomes a trophy that any bowls player was proud to say that they help to win.


The first event was in the 2010-11 season, and it was a running success from the start. Top players from around the country put something back into the sport by helping to raise money for the Great Ormond Street Hospital.


The North and South of England clashed in a mighty conflict which would bring an end to all the questioning, North or South, who has the better players?


In 2014 the North dramatically tied the match thanks to Graham Wiggins.